Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Dan. And... a bit of "Yikes!" as the boards go on...

Had a bit of a backward movement last week ("Yikes"), when I found that the two layers of the Keelson had come apart in places.  This was due to only putting on Epoxy resin, and not putting on Epoxy putty.  I've learnt the lesson on that. Had to break it apart and re-glue properly.
Glue-ing the Keelson, second time around.  The trick here to avoid this is
to put on epoxy liquid, then thicken it with thickener to make it putty
then put the putty on thick so that it seeps out when you tighten it with screws.
To be fair to John Brooks, the designer, and his Book, he does say this. Just
that somehow I 'd ignored it... If you're building one of these: don't ignore this!

Mate Dan Kennedy, lives in Birmingham, spends 1/3 his time there, 1/3 in Perth
with one daughter and 1/3 here with another daughter.
We're swimming mates.  He left for UK last week.  Back next June.

Well, after regluing the Keelson it seemed fine, and we
managed to get the first two boards on. Now on the fourth

A "dory gain" at the inner stem. End bits still need to be trimmed off.