Monday, 2 December 2013

Mast on...

Mast and boom on, but boom needs a bit of work on the goose-neck.
Sanded back for new painting
It's been a while to get the mast done, various reasons, all too boring to note here.... But now she's got the mast, forestay and shrouds on, and looking good.  Noel has done a good job.  He's also installed the Centreboard.
Noel also made the mast step and bracket.  Feels solid
The issue with the boom is that the goose-neck is a bit damaged, this being a second-hand mast that's been sitting around the Boatyard for some time....
When we've sorted out the boom issue, Stevo of North Sails will measure up for a set of sails, cotton/dacron in this case.
Then we can go for a sail!